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Guns or Butter?

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For many years America as a nation coasted through the world with a steadily expanding economy.  Man thought the good times would never end, but end they did on black Friday, the day that the stock market crashed and the beginning of the worst depression this country has ever seen.  The lesson we learned was that even thought he economy should remain a free entity it also needed something to help steady it to prevent such a severe event from happening again.  However it must also be taken into account that overcompensation can be just as harmful as doing nothing.  In order to retain a growing economy the government can help but must not overcompensate by funding the economy and neglecting other equally important branches. 


Without getting government funding special interests group like the Arts Caucus or the CBCF will be hard pressed to continue to lobby for changes that can help to improve the daily lives of the people they represent.

Education, it is in my mind one of the most important areas that needs money.  Students need federal and state funded programs to help offset the huge cost of education.  Teachers need better classrooms, books and teaching equipment.  Counties need more K-12 as well as high schools for the ever growing population of California.  Colleges need grants to continue to investigate an ever growing variety of topics.  Without more government spending in these areas America will cease to grow and will merely stagnate as the rest of the world passes by. 


War, its an ugly word with many harsh realities and the world would be a better place without it but the world would also be a better place without Bush Jr. and since both seem to have resilience of a cockroach on steroids we must then learn to live with them.  While military funding will never give us anything beautiful it will allow those of us with its protection to do so.  Military funding is essential in order to keep us safe at home as well as to prevent harm from reaching us from abroad.  Should we slacken funding to this critical component it puts all in danger. 


The economy is at times an unruly and precarious beast but with the right government spending it becomes a much more tractable animal.  However special care must be taken into insure that while the economy gets its share it must not do so to the detriment of all the others.  The military, education and special interests must be maintained even if it means the top 10 percent must suffer for the benefit of the other 90.