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"Military funding is essential in order to keep us safe at home as well as to prevent harm from reaching us from abroad..."

Throughout history every nation or country has had to pay for the defense of its territory and peoples we are no different. But, just as with any business in the world, to make money you must also spend it. What many fail to realize is that without the military not only would we be defenseless against anyone with corrupt intentions but it would also greatly cripple our current economy.

            The economic benefits that stem from military spending are many and diverse. When a new base is going to be built the army doesn’t do it themselves but rather sets up a bid and the contractor with the lowest one is rewarded with it. This is just the first of benefits that the army brings. After the new base is built and the troops brought in malls and bars and a plethora of other buildings spring up around them in order to service the people living in and around the base.

            The immediate economic benefits are not the only ones. Far more lasting and more profitable is the training the military gives. Depending on what field you go into you could easily find yourself learning a valuable trade that can easily carry you through life such as electronics or nuclear tech. An added bonus is if you’re not satisfied with your line of work then the military offers free college classes while in service so you could study at your leisure. The ramifications of these programs are significant, far reaching, and greatly beneficial.

            For the most apparent reason of the benefits of military spending we now move on to the defense of our nation. Without a highly trained and very well armed military we as a nation are in danger of falling prey to those of great ambition and little conscience. Today our world is a dangerous one and to substitute blood for money is not the solution to anyone’s' problem. I have rarely agreed with the foreign deployment of our troops but for those at home we must insure that they are the best and brightest.

                        The military is expensive yes but those at home help to make our economy stronger and our homes safer. Not all military spending is for the best but most does go towards the enlightening of our soldiers or to seeing that they have the best equipment

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